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At Ebbsfleet Studios we offer high quality, digital multi-track recording facilites for you and your band to record your next project or demo.  We have two individually treated live rooms connected to our control room, enabling us to choose the best room for the sound required. We can provide all backline equipment for your recording, including Drums, bass and guitar amps, so all you need to do is simply plug and and play. We offer an 8 hour 'recording package' at £225 which allows approx 3 tracks to be recorded and mixed ready for you to take home at the end of your session. We also offer an hourly rate for additional mixing and recording at £30 per hour.

Recording Studio


Recording Prices                                           Record Your Rehearsal

8 Hour Day Recording Package (see above)

8 Hours     £225  (10am - 6pm)


Recording Per Hour

£30 (If you would like to book studio time on an  hourly basis)

Once booked, please give us at least 48 hours notice if you wish to cancel your recording.

Record your rehearsal session for £79 (excl. rehearsal cost).

We will mic up the drum kit, guitar amps and vocals and record

your rehearsal (up to 5 tracks). We will  give it a quick mix and have it ready for you to take home. Perfect for a quick demo.